The Seven Sins. And Virtues. Of IT Security. And how they affect our world.


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In this early morning sermon, our dear Reverend will shed light on ancient truths about sin and virtue, and take those present on a refreshingly content-free journey from the ancient and glorious past to the present, the age of glitz and glitter, cloud and no more Twitter, drawing lines between dots that might better have been left undrawn.

Mario Heiderich

Revered web congregation, hear ye! Hear ye! We bring tidings of a truly divine keynote by none other than the cyber-high-priest himself, Dr. Mario Heiderich.

This gallant guardian of the Gateway, this cyber-savant of the Server, this JavaScript Jonah, is here to share his sermons from the virtual pulpit.

Yet, fear not, dear congregation, for despite his epic battles in the sacred crypts of XSS, Dr. Heiderich possesses the humor of a well-timed 404 error and the wit sharper than a two-edged encryption key. His homilies are as entertaining as a cat video, yet as enlightening as the shining light of your screen at 2 a.m.