Meet the Team


Immersed in diverse music and with a well-filled stash of cookies always at his side Christoph devotes free time to coding on random projects or hacking away at a CTF. While he descended from the blue range of his far Austrian mountains to work in Munich as a penetration tester, he still never quite got away from them: hiking and skiing are some favorite pastimes. Lately, he’s been learning Chinese: certainly, there is a way to decode that language also!



Born in Guatemala, Eduardo embarked on an infosec journey, mastering web app security and pentesting. After pursuing a Masters degree in Europe, he settled in Munich. A devoted father, boulder conqueror, and video game enthusiast, Eduardo finds joy in snowboarding and safeguarding against digital threats.



Originally from the hilly Sauerland Ingmar was drawn by the big mountains (and of a job offer) to munich almost 15 years ago. After starting in systems and network administration Ingmar fell into the rabbit hole of security and annoyed clients with his findings as a penetration test and red teamer. His spare time his spent around the alps, on motorcycles, bikes or on foot.




Suffering from persistent earworms, Jenn works as an earthling cyber security and privacy governance manager by day. Her nights and weekends are littered with jogging, 3d printing, video-editing, music-making, hiking, AI exploring and TV-binging. She prefers to undertake difficult tasks with epic background music and perpetually seeks early-evening karaoke and jeans made for short-legged tall people.



Nicole is working as data protection professional with an IT background including some experience in Web Application Penetration Testing. In her spare time she is taking care of her raspberry pie.




Sneha has been working in the field of information security for over a decade now, she has spoken and provided training at various international security conferences. Outside work, she likes to take small hikes in the alps, spends her time building the 75192 Millennium Falcon and is obsessed with Darth Vader.



Stefan likes breaking all sorts of technical things, which designates him for his job as penetration tester. Apart from cybery things, his big passion is extreme music, which he can be found playing or listening to all day and night long, only seldom interrupted by occasional hiking and gaming (with or without a pc).